Sunday, May 28, 2006

my block

My Block-

Ok so today I went out looking for a block, and to tell you the truth I was NOT looking forward to it, especially since it rains all the damn time, and I would have to be walking around aimlessly for hours, getting soaked in the process. And I woke up at like 12:00 so that also pissed me off that I practically wasted half the day…

But luckily it was a beautiful day! The sun was out and the wind was blowing, and the temperature was perfect. So I got up off my computer and left the room and just went walking. So instead of going where I usually would to class and whatnot, I went in the opposite direction. And by doing so I got to see how huge Minato-Ku really is, and the variance in people, shops, cars, buildings, and cleanliness. AND… I found my block, it’s actually perfect, and it’s practically on the border of Minato-Ku and Chiyoda-Ku. It has all the types of transportation that I wanted, walking, bikes, subway/train, cars/highway, and plenty of all of them. The station is Akasaka-Mitsuke, so I can get there quick if I need to and its fairly big as a station as well.

After I found my block, I walked a little further, because it was such a nice day. And I got into the REALLY nice part of town, and I’m in the nice part of town too, but over where I was the hotels had guards at every entrance, and there was one at least every 50 ft. so after I walked past, I came to a really cool area that overlooked some athletic fields and tennis courts. It was a cool path that I wasn't expecting to come by, a lot of trees, and it was really pretty. Then to my right though there were a lot of people coming out of this large complex, but I wasn't sure what it was, people were dressing in suits/nicer than casual clothes, so it seemed kind of odd. They all were not coming from work, it seemed like a social event. So I pass it and walk to the end of the path, and get to Shinjuku Dori, at Yotsuya station. There was a map there and I had my Tokyo City Atlas so I stopped and looked at both to see where I was. I had walked pretty far, but it was pretty cool to see that I was pretty close to some places that I had been to before. Also I come to find out that I just passed Sophia University, which was where all those people had came from.

I walked back the way I came, and took some pictures of my block…
Then I walked back a different way, and kinda got lost, but by looking at the tops of building and stuff I found my way back quite easily.

Also by going to Kyoto and seeing so many different types of design, I have a lot so ideas/ approaches to my neiborhood narratives project. Im starting to really get excited about the possibilities that I have, and the boundaries that I can push and all of the variations I can explore. So far I thought of ways to present my project in a print form, that involves a sculptural element to it, and become interactive. Im also thinking about a packaging idea similar to what Matt is doing, with a cd containing the “sounds” of his block. But also… I don't want to kill myself with work… hehe oh well.


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