Monday, June 19, 2006

expectations of Japan…

Expectations of Japan…

I would say without a doubt that my expectations have been fulfilled, and I am very impressed with this country from every aspect. Although ive only seen basically two of the largest cities: Tokyo and Kyoto, I had pretty high standards coming in. This country is extremely clean! I love it, there is NEVER trash on the ground, people don't litter, things are spotless, and very well maintained. To me this is a huge plus, I love have things nice and clean and neat, and I didn't think anywhere could be this clean, but it was. The only weird thing is: there are not many trashcans. A lot of vending machines, and each one has a trashcan only for the bottles you bought from it.

The other this that exceeded my expectations was how safe it is, even in Tokyo! Walking at night is perfectly fine, ive never felt un-safe, ever. And what adds to it, is that school kids walk to school by themselves, for miles, downtown, across highways and streets, everyday! And they also ride the public transportation by themselves as well, which is the bus and the subway. The crazy thing is: I see kids every day that are no older that are 6 or 7 doing this, and it’s no big deal here.

Other expectations that I had was that it was going to be extremely expensive here, but to me that not the case. I live in one of the most expensive areas in Tokyo: Akasaka, and I can eat lunch for anywhere from $4-10 (400-1000 yen) and that includes tip. For instance, I had a sushi lunch today and it was only $8 even. I can however go out for dinner to a nicer place and easily drop $30+ on dinner, but I try not to do that too often…

The people are great, they realize that you are a foreigner and they try to speak English, The food is amazing, the weather is pretty good, and I cant think of anything else, but im sure ill think of all of it once I get back to the states and realize what is missing.


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