Monday, June 19, 2006

super deluxe:

Super deluxe:

Pecha Kucha night is what we went to. It’s always held once a month (last Wednesday of every month), at this space/area that hosts parties and events that's called super deluxe. How to describe pecha kucha…. Well basically there are around 20 designers, of all forms, that pitch what they are doing recently, to an audience of other designers. It's a good way to show off what you do, most people do architectural stuff, interior design, installations, etc. These designers however don’t have total freedom; they get to present 20 slides, and each one is only up for 20 seconds, no more no less, so it becomes a very interesting presentation. It was very cool seeing both Japanese and American designers showing their work. I actually thought that it was soooo cool that I asked one of the people who ran it how someone can enter in it: if there is a wait, or you have to be professional and not a student or what. Well… I gave my business card to the right person, and she told me to e-mail her with some info about myself and some samples of my work, probably just to make sure I know what I’m doing and not some random joe. All in all I actually e-mail two people and they both said that I am in the next pecha kucha night! I just have to have all my work by a certain time and e-mail them my personal information. I think I’m going to show about 10 slides of my magazine, and about 10 slides of the project I’m working on here. Last time the place was packed, and a lot of the other designers were pretty good, and they were also all pro, but I think it will be alright.

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