Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup 2oo6!

World Cup 2oo6!

All I have to say is wow… the world cup is soo much more fun than in the US. For the first game vs. Austrailia 4 of us went to shibuya to find a good sports bar to go to, and ended up in a karaoke place, it was fun, but where we went to last ngith was wayyyy better. Last night we went to a bar where everyone was watching the game and chanting and cheering the entire time, everyone was wearing their jersey, and it was amazing!

We ended up going with around 10 people in all I think and everyone had a great time. I was completely decked out in my “samurai blue” gear; I had my 2oo6 jersey, white shorts, and blue shoes. I basically had the uniform on, as seen below in my super cool pose…

As well as with me uber stylish Japanese haircut… which can be seen now to all those in the states…

2 people that i met and joined their sheering squad for the 2nd half!

2 friends that go to TUJ =]

After the game though we tried to decide on where to go the next game, and missed the train home so we took out time getting back to the station to get a cab. The streets near the station were going insane though, people were on top of the station entrances getting people psyked up for the next game vs brazil! It was really crazy, there were tons of cops trying to keep order, and having everyone moving along. If that's what it was like after a 0-0 tie, I wonder what would happen if japan were to win, and if they beat brazil, they pretty much make it into the tournament! I basically cant wait until the next game!


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